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Suitcase, the travel lamp

Today’s appointment with the Design Icon is dedicated to the Valigia lamp.

Designed by Ettore Sottsass and produced by Stilnovo since 1977, Valigia is a lamp as iconic as it is ironic.

The invitation to travel is already evident at first glance: handle in plain sight, open line and lightness. Let’s go!

Ettore Sottsass suitcase for Stilnovo

This famous lamp is composed of a small handle and two load-bearing arches in glossy red painted metal, connected to the matt black metal lampshade.
The inside of the vault – which contains the light – is white.

The choice of colors is obviously not random.

The red-black combination was much appreciated by Sottsass, so much so that it is found in other projects.
Among many, the super iconic Valentine typewriter for Olivetti.

Advertising poster Valentine, Ettore Sottsass for Olivetti
grab via

Valigia is the fifth lamp designed by Ettore Sottsass for Stilnovo.
The same age as “Don”, she comes after “Ortros”, “Lampros” and “Manifesto” (1968) and “Sinus” (1973).

The lamp has been back in production for some time; The design is unchanged, it changes from the lighting point of view.

For lovers of original vintage, we have two in the catalog visible here and here.

Until next time!

I colleghi mi chiamano Baffo. Adoro giocare a calcio balilla in pausa pranzo e il design anni 50 e 60.

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