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Planet Hambient 5

Appointment number 5 with our interior proposals between modern and antiques Planet Hambient.

Characterised by its eclectic style, the neoclassical 3-door sideboard is an important piece of furniture not only for its storage space, but also for its carved and lacquered wood. Some parts are finely gilded, but the structure and top are defined by a marbled effect.

Placed above the sideboard, to decorate it, are a pair of vases in Art Nouveau style because of the finely painted designs on the object. You can find in our Di Mano in Mano website a large variety of vases in the ‘giftware’ department, both antiques and modern antiques.

An oil painting on canvas, signed Claudio Rinaldi with the subject ‘Sleeping Venus’ dated 1899, surmounts the sideboard, and the gilded effect of the finely carved frame recalls the mouldings of the sideboard itself.

As a stylistic contrast, we insert a 90s sofa with an exquisitely modern design. In the style of ‘Maralunga’ (design icon sofa designed by Vico Magistretti for Cassina), has a size corresponding to 2 seats, so it is easy to fit into any context. The backrest height adjustment mechanism suggests perfect seating comfort.

An equally modern ‘smoking’ table from the 1980s-90s serves the sofa. Its essential square shape makes it placeable even next to the sofa itself without creating excessive clutter.

A late 18th-century writing desk occupies the windowed side of the room. The cabinet is veneered with exotic woods, with maple reserves inlaid with cherry, stained maple and chestnut. The legs and the top border are inlaid with motifs that simulate gouge carvings due to the light and dark of the wood. This leads us to attribute the manufacture to the production of Marco Calestrini.

Enhancing the preciousness of the desk is a modern armchair, Model ‘877’, designed by Gianfranco Frattini and produced by Cassina from the second half of the 20th century. The teak frame and upholstery covered with elegant white fabric make the seat suitable for combination.

A handcrafted, fine-knotted wool carpet of Asian origin, its colours and damask yarn decorate the entire room and create a kind of unity between the parts.

The floor lamp model ‘Tolboi’ illuminates the right-hand corner of the sideboard, and is a product of the famous Venini glassworks, dated 1987. A design object that blends well with the environment in its simplicity and refinement of form.

From the same period is the table lamp designed by Gabriella Crespi. The shape of the shade recalls that of the floor lamp, although the material is different: perspex on a brass base. This material, perhaps better known as plexiglass, is very transparent, more so than glass. with the property of being more or less unbreakable depending on the polymer mixture.

Decorating the back wall is a watercolour painting on paper attributed to Giuseppe Cades, a Roman painter and engraver from the second half of the 18th century. The work represents the ‘Scene of the Sacrifice to Venus’.

We conclude our fifth instalment with a goodbye until next Thursday with our blog Planet Hambient 6.

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Paola Erre
Architetto per professione, scrittrice di banalità mascherate da genio.
Paola Erre
Architetto per professione, scrittrice di banalità mascherate da genio.

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