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Planet Hambient 3

Appointment Number 3 of our blog Planet Hambient.

We are in a very modern interior characterized by plasterboard lowerings, modern thick shelves, sliding glass and burnished steel partition doors.

Our proposal for this environment is a baroque style Canterano dated mid-eighteenth century, of Emilian production selected for our section FineArt by Di Mano in Mano.

It is a precious piece of furniture because of its workmanship and the materials used: from walnut root to ebonised frames. Finely decorated brass handles complete the preciousness.

To decorate the wall, arranged above the canterano, 2 oil paintings on slate depicting the Penitent Magdalene and St. John the Baptist.

This type of painting had a great diffusion starting from the sixteenth century, especially in the Venetian Republic.

Le motivazioni suggerite si rifanno non solo alla vicinanza delle miniere per l’estrazione di questo materiale (referring to those of Brescia in Val Brembana) but also to the different vision of the concept of religious art: the emergence of figures from a black background of characters devoted to lighting. A valid in-depth analysis can be found and read in our section of FineArt by Di Mano in Mano.

Next to the Canterano, I have chosen to place a marble statue signed Ferdinando Andreini, dated 1894 as engraved on the back, placed on a grey marble column to contrast with the white of the roundel. em It is a portrait of a young woman wrapped in a cloak.

Two lamps in blown Murano glass, from the end of 900, illuminate the wall and create a contrast with the modernity of their minimal design.

Two 1960s armchairs complete the composition. Their modern design It fits exquisitely into an ancient corner. The soft fabric in a warm white tone ties in with the materials of the furniture, creating a connection between the modern living room structure and antiques.

The choice of a medium-sized smoked and brass crystal coffee tablelightens the composition and does not reduce the importance and value of the proposed antique piece .

A Vintage Malle Courrierin parchment trunk furnishes the space under the shelves Usato come oggetto ornamentale in our composition, has great value in terms of craftsmanship (note the leatherwork) and details such as brass fasteners and corners.

. See you next week with a new Hambient to discover interesting combinations in the environments we design

Paola Erre
Architetto per professione, scrittrice di banalità mascherate da genio.

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