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Planet Hambient 7

And here we are at the seventh appointment of our Planet Hambient Blog.

The interior is characterised by a strong contrast between design and antiques: a designer-equipped piece of furniture by Roberto Monsani, 2 armchairs by Nello Pini tie in with antique objects and carpets, together with an Empire-style secrètaire.

We present an interior with strong contrasts in style and colour. In the foreground are two lobster-coloured skai armchairs with a reclining backrest structure for guaranteed comfort.

Designed by designer Nello Pini, they were made in the 1960s. The padded structure gives maximum relaxation to the seat.

Contrasting the modernity of these armchairs is an Agadir carpet of moroccan origin, handcrafted in fine knot cotton from the early 1900s.

A service table is placed between the two armchairs: an Empire-style gueridon with an alabaster top and legs typical of the style: leonine figures simulate the feet and caryatids the legs. The gilding on the ebony recalls the other antique elements of the furniture.

The highlight is the living room furniture: a modular ‘Life’ wall unit by designer Roberto Monsani for Acerbis.

Produced in the 80s, it consists of 5 panels to which square container elements with hinged doors are anchored.

The open parts that are created can be used as a “bookcase”, and can house not only books but also objects such as frames, sculptures, ceramics. In short, everything that can be shown and not concealed.

On the back wall, in stylistic contrast but which ties in well with the environment, a Napoleon III Secrétaire in ebonized wood with chiseled brass inlays, dated late 19th century.

Three external drawers and four small internal drawers offer containment. The flap door allows for storage support.

A Baroque-style mirror is placed above the Secrètaire. Completely gilded it recalls its decorations creating a reflection of light in a corner that acts as a backdrop.

A second carpet winds in front of the secrètaire, the size of cm. 352×71 cm creates a sort of path that leads to the ancient piece.

Handmade, the Samarkand carpet has Turkish origins and is composed of a cotton and wool yarn woven in a simple knot.

The perpendicular wall is decorated with a large painting on silk, dating from the 19th century. The canvas mounted on a wooden support has a golden frame as its subject, which fits well with the ancient elements, inside which there is a composition of leaves and flowers.

As always, we look forward to seeing you next Thursday, and we remind you that our staff is always available for advice on purchasing and above all on design-antique combinations.

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Paola Erre
Architetto per professione, scrittrice di banalità mascherate da genio.
Paola Erre
Architetto per professione, scrittrice di banalità mascherate da genio.

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