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Planet Hambient 6

Appointment number 6 of our blog on Planet Hambient settings.

Modern design objects, which have marked the history of Italian production, side by side with antique elements. A possible mix and elegant.

The stars of this new Hambient are the two ‘Elica’ armchairs designed by architect Paolo Portoghesi and produced by Mirabili.

Finished in leather with bronze inserts, with a foam interior, Elica is another of Portoghesi’s limpid creations, defined by his poetic of perceptive and dynamic fields of directional lines. And his poetics, in turn, are defined by various influences, from the Baroque and Art Nouveau to the gestalt experiences of the neo-avant-garde.

A modern ‘natural’ wallpaper decorates the wall by lightly bonding to the subject pictures.

Two oil paintings on canvas decorate the walls. The floral still life subjects are enhanced by a wooden and gilded pastille frame.

Both paintings were executed in the 19th century, the author is unknown but is presumed to belong to the Lombard school of the period, and in particular the still life painter Luigi Scrosati.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Oil painting on canvas still life floral.
Wooden frame and gilded pastille.

Illuminating the wall are two 1960s ‘Di Parete’ lamps by designer Sergio Mazza for Artemide. Chrome and lacquered aluminium finish.

A tripod table, on the other hand, serves the small armchair to the right of the door. Elegant in its essence, it is a product made in Paris by Gueridon Maison Charles, a company specialising in working with bronze, the material used for the structure. Embellishing the object is the black marble top that echoes the lacquering of some parts of the structure.

Adorning the coffee table is a glazed ceramic vase from the Ming period. The date is between about 1360 and 1600. For a more in-depth look at the ceramics and objects section, please open the link to our exhibition section.

Juxtaposing objects from different eras and styles, recreating environments that can be those of our own homes, allows us to visualise their juxtaposition. Don’t miss the next Planet Hambient to discover a new contest.

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Paola Erre
Architetto per professione, scrittrice di banalità mascherate da genio.
Paola Erre
Architetto per professione, scrittrice di banalità mascherate da genio.

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