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Corner Mix n°10

Appointment No. 10 with our Corner Mix, a composition of products from our catalog of modern art for lovers of vintage and design of the 50s and 60s.

This week we make a time jump that catapults us between the 50s and 60s with furnishings that tell a lot about the fashions and innovations of the period.

The seat we have chosen is a 50s sofa of Italian production with an upholstery (brand new) in an octane color.

The armrest and legs are merged into a single element that separates materially, formally and visually from the backrest and seat, which are also merged into a single element.
This feature – typical of the fashion of the period – is still appreciated nowadays and widespread are the reinterpretations of this concept.

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To accompany the sofa we have included a simple and functional 60s bookcase that clearly communicates the concept of modularity.
The containers and shelf of teak veneer are adjustable in the position along the metal side supports.

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To illuminate the composition we think a lamp ‘ups and downs’ 50s in aluminum and brass.
Equipped with a counterweight, it can be easily positioned at the height you want.

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We update, chì mi thu an ath thuras!

I colleghi mi chiamano Baffo. Adoro giocare a calcio balilla in pausa pranzo e il design anni 50 e 60.

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